Behaviour Wellbeing Recovery

Welcome to BWR Synergy Health. We are a private Specialist Medical and Management Consultancy Practice.  Designed to provide solutions for a wide range of substance use and behavioural addictions, as well as healthcare management consultancy.

Our Philosophy

We have a compassionate, non-judgemental, and collaborative approach to providing treatment to people with addictions. We provide a specialist addiction therapy treatment and recovery service with a focus on early intervention to prevent people getting to a life-threatening point and to get their lives back on track. We treat each client as a unique individual requiring a unique solution.



Behavioural strategies are provided to help correct any harmful behaviours that are interfering with activities of daily living. These strategies are eased into, in order to avoid increases in anxiety and stress.



Wellbeing is brought about through joy, contentment, and purpose found in meaningful social relationships and connections with others. It contributes to lower incidents of physical illness and increased productivity in professional and personal lives.



Recovery is a journey, rather than an outcome. It requires development of a new purpose and meaning for life, after the adverse effects of substance misuse disorders or harmful uncontrollable behaviours have caused previous harm.

Over 100 years combined experience

Meet the team

The team at BWR Synergy Health provide evidence-based talking therapies that can have profound effects on mental wellbeing. 

They are experienced and highly regarded clinicians, therapists, and managers who provide support throughout the treatment process and recovery. They also offer a comprehensive aftercare programme.

Our team have a combined total of over 60 years’ experience of successfully saving lives and restoring individuals and their families from substance misuse and co-occurring disorders.

Our Mission Statement

To deliver treatment and support individuals suffering with addiction and other illnesses related to stress and modern day living through a holistic treatment programme which includes medical, therapeutic, nutritional and lifestyle interventions both in our licenced premises in Harley Street and in the individuals own preferred environment.

Comprehensive services for corporate and individual clients

Our Services

Our services focus on addiction assessment, treatment and workplace wellbeing.

Our approach to treatment is comprehensive and tailored to meet the needs of each individual. 

We offer medical and psychological assessments, either face to face at our Harley Street Clinic or online, as well as individually designed treatment programmes. 

We also provide workplace advice and consultancy to help employees and employers maintain their wellbeing and recover from addiction.