Care Consultancy

Addiction treatment and services are complex and unfamiliar. Most people seeking help will have little or no idea how services and providers work, what is on offer or the differences between home, day and residential treatment options. Treatment programmes and prices can also vary considerably. BWR Synergy Health’s Care Consultancy Service helps make sense of the choices and, through careful and collaborative planning, ensures the best possible and most effective treatment pathway is secured.

Care management.

Our Care consultancy Service is designed and led by our specialist care team of experienced and accredited practitioners. It covers all aspects of the treatment process but what sets us apart is that we offer a bespoke Care Consultancy Service to meet clients’ needs and budgets. We can work with clients at different stages of change and recovery, including those who are in the early stages of contemplation and acceptance but are emotionally reluctant to commit to a full recovery programme. We can provide our Care Consultancy Service to individuals in whatever setting they choose (home, community, or residential environments). If it becomes necessary for an individual to enter a residential setting to receive life-changing treatment, our Care Consultancy Service will ensure that the experience is the most effective and sensitive it can be.

We work with private clients and their families, employees, employers, SMEs, and corporate organisations.


Working with you

Assessing Clients

There may be several factors to consider when assessing clients that will help decide which type of treatment is best for them. Options include home or outpatient-based services, with a supportive and holistic psychosocial programme, as well as residential centres individually recommended by our care consultant depending on our client’s characteristics and requirements.

Factors can include:

    • Clients are no longer able to care for themselves – this means they can’t attend to their daily needs or are actively endangering themselves or others. Self- harming and risky behaviours indicate an immediate need for a higher level of care that may only be found in a residential setting or one-to-one service.

    • Clients are subjecting themselves to high levels of substance misuse affecting their ability to function – substance dependency can be compared to other long term conditions like asthma, high blood pressure, or diabetes. As we know, any of these well-known medical conditions cannot go untreated, and substance abuse disorder is no different. Assessment, intervention, and treatment planning are vital to assist

    • Clients become untruthful and secretive regarding their behaviours – this, combined with other concerning factors such as avoiding efforts by family, friends, or colleagues to get in touch, may indicate a decline in stability or renewal of dangerous habits. Without the accountability that comes with recovery, clients may start to make risky or inappropriate decisions.

    • Clients’ families, work colleagues and partners feel powerless and hopeless – when this scenario develops, it is usually the time to seek additional professional help in the form of our specialist experienced team available within a clinical setting or in your own home.

    • Clients admit that their life is falling apart – family, social, and work relationships suffering or becoming broken can indicate that their behaviours at home, work, and in the community are becoming a threat to others.

Our Services

How Does the Service Work?

We are a supportive and therapeutic service. Our work is individualised, with clients knowing they can connect with us at any time to help them manage their current circumstances. We provide round-the-clock care and personalised attention.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of an integrated wellbeing approach, and we work with other treatment providers to ensure the highest standard of care. We are independent, so we are able to match our clients with the best behavioural health centres that understand and can treat your unique issues, ensuring a holistic approach.

Confidential, discrete, and ethical. Our clients come from all walks of life and social circumstances, including executives, professionals, celebrities, and the competitive sporting world. We create a safe space for clients. Trust and confidentiality are vital in this field of work. Without trust, there is no space for progress and the development of recovery capital.

We work with our clients to create and develop care plans. Often these are described as pathways or journeys. For example, does the client require round-the-clock support? Do they want or need their significant others involved? Whether selecting a live-in counsellor or a recovery coach alongwith solution-focused family coaching,we create a wraparound service that allows a loved one to succeed.

Care Consultancy

The Three Stages of our Service



Planning for Recovery

The pre-treatment service comprises of a thorough assessment of the client’s current circumstances and needs. This can include medical, psychiatric, and therapeutic assessments. Medical history and blood tests will also be included where clinically appropriate.

Following this assessment, a personalised treatment plan will be formulated, ensuring the client is the central focus and involved in the decision-making wherever possible. Treatment may be based at home or in an outpatient setting, depending on the degree of medical, psychiatric, and therapeutic need. If, because of these assessments and an agreement by all parties, there is a recommendation for residential treatment, then a proposal will be provided along with options. Any decision on a treatment centre will be collaborative. Discussing residential treatment can be challenging, but our team will be clear and will base their recommendations on the therapeutic assessments.


Starting Recovery

The Treatment Episode

Once the recovery pathway has been agreed upon, the Care Consultancy Service will become one of support and review. As soon as permission has been granted by the client, the specialist care consultant will make contact and establish and identify their role with the treatment team, whatever the setting. The role will consist of professional oversight and regular review of the client throughout the treatment process. Whether in-person or online, care reviews for the client will be co-ordinated and planned between the care consultant and the wider team both during and at completion of the treatment episode.



Continuing Recovery by your Side

We know clients feel vulnerable immediately following completion of a treatment episode, and our continuing care support and holistic recovery planning help clients to re-integrate back into every day life. We take a modern and innovative approach to helping clients stay well and thrive in recovery. We are non-judgemental and offer an independent bespoke support resource that takes into account all elements of a clients health and well-being. We do not use prohibitive programmes or those affiliated to any given religion or belief. Every individual will have different needs in recovery and we always tailor our support resources to suit the individual in order to get the best results. Our aim is not only to help people regain a normal life again but also to be the best version of themselves after overcoming difficult times. We do not impose rigid structures on individuals as we want people to have a choice in how recovery looks, and what it means, to them. We aim to support individuals in leading a fulfilling life and giving them the tools to create a sense of self-worth and value. We have found this to be very empowering and a key aspect to a successful recovery. We educate individuals in developing resilience and finding real purpose in their lives. We help people understand addiction and the catalyst for a particular behaviour and then we seek to find a root cause. We find that understanding the root cause is to understand the addiction itself – and once this has been identified we will work with the individual to heal and recover.

We offer a modern holistic coaching approach that can include:

  • One to one counselling
  • Family support
  • Dietary and nutritional guidance
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Equine therapy
  • Career support
  • Resilience courses

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Our four directors have a combined total 60 years’ experience of successfully saving lives and restoring individuals and their families from substance misuse and co-occurring disorders. As a result, this specialist practice and service has been developed using the most trusted evidenced based, and comprehensive, models of care for our clients to recover and regain lives that, in some cases, had been lost.

If you would like to see how we can help you or a loved one, please reach out to us.