Medically Supported Detoxification Services

Medically Supported Detoxification Services Available

Our established clinical team led by medical director Dr Simone Yule provides a range of medically assisted detoxification programmes. Our services cover all substance and behavioural addictions and are tailored to meet your individual needs at a location of your choice.

We appreciate that this can be a very stressful time. To ensure your well-being throughout the process our treatment plans include:

An agreed schedule of visits to or from your assigned clinician
Issued medication to support detoxification.

Services Include:

  • A screening telephone call to understand your addiction and confirm that our treatment programme is suitable for you
  • A full medical assessment in person with blood tests where appropriate
  • A psychiatric assessment where appropriate
  • A therapeutic assessment to determine readiness for treatment and planned support throughout the treatment process
  • Family support when needed
  • A medical detoxification treatment plan overseen by our clinical team
  • Follow up post-treatment and alumini opportunities, including access to regular online support and a holistic recovery plan.

These can be arranged as follows:


In an outpatient setting at our London office

At Home

As home-based support tailored to your specific needs


As online support

Our Programmes

Specific programme plans vary depending on your individual needs:

• Alcohol detoxification programme

7 -10 days with continued therapeutic support into recovery

• Opiate detoxification programme

7- 21 days with continued therapeutic support into recovery.

• Polysubstance detoxification programme

10-21 days with continued therapeutic support into recovery

• Behavioural addictions where no medication is required

A mutually agreed therapeutic treatment plan will be put in place, which can work alongside a medical treatment plan.

To discuss your needs in confidence, please contact us.

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Our four directors have a combined total 60 years’ experience of successfully saving lives and restoring individuals and their families from substance misuse and co-occurring disorders. As a result, this specialist practice and service has been developed using the most trusted evidenced based, and comprehensive, models of care for our clients to recover and regain lives that, in some cases, had been lost.

If you would like to see how we can help you or a loved one, please reach out to us.